2022 Municipal Elections

We have the courage to run Prague the right way!

Thanks to the trust of the citizens of Prague and the stable environment of the coalition, we have been able to lead our city for four years, changing it for the better, and navigate it through two unprecedented crises. Under our leadership, Prague has experienced record development. We launched the construction of the Metro D line, the first new line in 40 years. Last year, the construction of 9,700 new flats was approved, which is a record number since 1989. Tram lines are being extended at an unprecedented pace. We have built a record number of new P+R parking places. Under the leadership of our predecessors, bridges were falling apart and crumbling away. We have the courage to undertake major reconstructions, without which other bridges would follow. On top of that, we are building new river bridges. We are following the plan to plant a million new trees exactly as we promised.

Our Election Programme

We Will Ready Prague for Climate Change

This is one of the most important topics for Prague. We need to prepare the city for climate change as quickly as possible. We want it to become the greenest city in Europe, where life will be pleasant even in summer. We will also deal with air pollution, support sustainable energy, and take care of the city’s outdoor areas.

Adaptation to Climate Change

We are aware of Prague’s essential role in the climate change adaptation process. We will develop the drafted concept and ensure its consistent and responsible compliance. When solving sensitive issues, we count on the participation of citizens. Prague must be greener and more resilient for everyone to benefit. We will cool down Prague and improve the climate by expanding green and water areas. We will mitigate the drought by using rainwater for irrigation and recreation. We will restore Prague forests damaged by the bark beetle epidemic and continue planting trees, which provably have a significant effect on cooling the city microclimate. Prague, the greenest city and an oasis in Europe, full of parks and water bodies, will be a pleasant and mild place to live even in summer.

Circular Economy

We will advocate a transition to the type of economy where materials remain in circulation as long as possible. Only the smallest necessary amount of waste should be generated, with its reuse actively supported. We will promote the prevention of waste generation at the city level. We will support the development of sustainable business models and the use of secondary resources through sharing, reuse, and recycling. We will emphasise the responsible implementation of the opportunities offered by the circular economy when awarding public contracts, as we wish to raise awareness of the available means and methods.

Fighting Pollution

Air pollution is a risk factor causing many diseases. It reduces the quality of life and is mainly generated by road traffic and local heating. However, pollution by dust, noise, or light smog is also undesirable. Our main goal is to stabilise the pollution values consistently below the level that would endanger the health of the population. We want to implement the optimisation of heating in buildings owned by Prague, support low-emission transport, limit pollution from local heating sources, and motivate citizens to use energy efficiently and conserve it. Only in a healthy environment lives a healthy city.

Nature for People and Biodiversity Conservation

Prague can rightly be proud of its natural wealth. We have 69 natural monuments, 16 nature reserves, and eight national nature reserves, which protect preserved valuable habitats, but we also have large areas of urban lawns and neglected bushes and fields, which could easily be transformed with just a little care. We want to present Prague’s natural wealth to citizens and visitors in an attractive way, and to cultivate and care for neglected localities.

Sustainable Energy

Prague must set an example in the field of sustainable energy. Alongside the rest of the cities in the Czech Republic, it should also become a model for other European large cities. We will develop and implement the goals of the Prague Climate Plan. Following the examples of Copenhagen and Oslo, we will begin to accurately calculate and publish our emissions. At the same time, we will identify additional measures beyond the existing plans to reduce emissions, which will ensure cleaner air in the city and a healthier environment. We will also support measures to accelerate the termination of our dependence on fossil fuels and raw materials from Russia and possibly other countries that violate human rights and do not comply with international conventions.

We Will Build More Flats

Prague needs affordable housing. That is why we at the Prague City Hall have already started preparing projects to build municipal flats. Within eight years, we will build at least five hundred of them, and the city will rent them out as affordable social housing.

New Affordable Housing for Prague Citizens

Prague has few municipal flats, and thus cannot adequately respond to the critical lack of affordable housing. It was only in this election period and also thanks to the Pirate party, that the city ended the privatization of flats and founded the Prague Development Company, which began preparing municipal housing construction. We will finalise this endeavour and, in the next election period, we will start to build municipal flats according to the drafted projects. By 2030, we will reach a state where Prague builds at least 500 municipal flats a year to be rented out under the affordable or social housing regime. The city will release part of its land for cooperative and association construction to create an alternative to commercial construction.

A Flat Is Not a Hotel

Short-term accommodation services in otherwise unoccupied flats lead to more expensive housing and destroy the comfort of long-term residents. We will advocate for better control of compliance with the simple rule that a flat is not a hotel and that Move-in Permits matter. We will enable people to have a real home in the city. Residential buildings with permanent residents make safe neighbourhoods and a healthy, sustainable city of short distances. If the city gains the right to regulate AirBnB and similar platforms, we will use that right to ensure meaningful change.

Developers’ Responsibility Towards City Residents; Building Sustainable Public Space

We will follow up on the approved methodology for the participation of investors in the development of Prague. We will require developers to adequately participate in the covering of the costs triggered by the new construction activity in relation to the needed public amenities and infrastructure. As part of this cooperation, Prague will also get new city rental flats for its citizens. The builder will know in advance all the conditions for construction, including their participation obligation. We will ensure that part of the new flats will be rented under the affordable and social housing regime. Thanks to the city’s transparent and predictable approach to new construction, we will shorten the time it takes to discuss changes to the zoning plan.

New Social Housing Using the Existing Municipal Assets

We will continue to solve the housing shortage for Prague citizens, through prevention and housing support. We will ensure the development of contact centres for housing and social services designed for people in the need of such services. We will continue to develop the social housing system with a special focus on families with children and with an emphasis on desegregation (prevention of the occurrence of excluded localities). We will expand the activities of the Municipal Rental Agency in order to increase the number of flats for those in need.

Transport is to Help the City, Not to Burden It

City transport must be efficient, modern, and sustainable. That is why a well-thought-out parking system is so important. We will strengthen and speed up public transport and introduce low-emission connections, such as electric buses. We want people to use public transport willingly and more often. Naturally, we will continue to improve the conditions for pedestrians and cyclists, step by step.

Well-thought-out Parking for Better Public Space

The key to better parking and better public space is an efficient parking policy. The possibility of small-size parking zones covering only a part of the territory should be introduced in each city district, as originally planned. We will provide visitor parking by way of a parking credit. Given the equal split of income from residence cards between the municipality and the city districts, we will also divide the fee for residence cards into the part determined by the municipality, and the part determined by the city district. In order to ensure enough parking places for residents, hired workers, and people with disabilities, we will motivate commuters to use off-street parking capacities, P+R zones, space-saving modes of transport, and car sharing. In cooperation with the Central Bohemian Region, we will support the construction of parking areas for P+R cars and B+R bikes in places with good connections to suburban and urban transport and the metro, including the financial support of public transport from those parking areas outside Prague. We will support the provision of parking at public facilities where parking is needed (for example at medical facilities, homes for the elderly, post offices).

Energy and Space Efficient Transport

We will continue to improve conditions for pedestrians and cyclists and develop shared mobility. We will improve, accelerate, and strengthen public transport. We will support the completion of the tram circuit. We will further improve the connection of urban and suburban public transport. We will support the development of low-emission urban logistics and, in cooperation with the state, we will strive for an effective solution for transit freight transport to divert it outside the territory of the capital city of Prague. We will support the implementation of compensatory measures for the external motorway ring currently under the construction by the state.

Conceptual Approach to Both Constructions and Traffic Management

Prague plans and prepares important transport constructions. In order to select the best solution, we will apply proven project evaluation methodologies, which we will update as needed with regard to new legal requirements and strategic priorities. Investments in infrastructure equal to set amounts of costs will be assessed by high-quality multi-criteria analysis. A system of control of project plans within the municipality will be implemented, while we will ensure it is duly observed. We will use validated real data from quality and trustworthy sources to assess plans and measures. In the case of public transport, emphasis will be placed on a connected network with short intervals, where everyone can reach their destination smoothly, without long waiting times. Traffic structures will be designed with utmost respect for their surroundings and public space.

Better Quality and More Efficient Transport Thanks to Open Tenders

We will improve the quality management system of transport services to ensure the needs of passengers are reflected as much as possible, alongside the comfort, speed, and reliability of public transport. We will openly call tenders for contracts, irrespective of whether searching for suppliers of vehicles, energy or fuel, construction contractors, and other supplies that the city cannot secure from its own resources. We will increase the share of bus lines operated based on open tender results. We will continue to increase the transparency of the transport company and ensure it is able to succeed in tenders.

Modern Technology for Sustainable, Efficient, and Safe Transport

We will accelerate the introduction of new technologies for sustainable, efficient, and safe transport. We will propose a way to simplify the transition to low-emission and zero-emission urban public transport vehicles and ensure their sustainable financing. At the same time, we will ensure the diversification of fuels so that the operation and safety of the city is not jeopardised in the event of emergency situations. Following the lead of developed world metropolises, we will introduce autonomous transport systems. We will offer safe driverless transport not only in the closed metro system, but we will also actively look for ways to test and deploy autonomous passenger cars and buses in regular traffic. Thanks to modern technologies for route planning and the use of multiple modes of transport, we will enable passengers to combine the benefits of individual and mass transport with time- and space-efficient means for the so-called first and last mile, such as shared bicycles or electric scooters.

Modern City Is to Offer Everything at Hand

A big city does not mean you have to be far away from everything. We will make sure that most civic amenities are as close as possible to your place of residence. Ideally, within walking distance. It will not only help with traffic and pollution problems, but also make life in the city more comfortable. Prague should not only be beautiful, but also beautifully thought through.

City of Short Distances

We want the residents of Prague to be able to satisfy most of their needs within walking distance of their place of residence. Each neighbourhood should offer its residents quality civic amenities including schools, medical facilities, shops, services, as well as job opportunities, accessible public mass transport, leisure activities, and plenty of greenery. Housing estates should not be just hostels. In cooperation with the Central Bohemian Region, we will strive to observe this concept also in the surrounding municipalities to limit the forced commute to Prague.

Friendly Public Spaces The city belongs to its inhabitants. We want it to be beautiful, well-thought-out, and well-groomed. We plan to invest up to four billion crowns in the improvement of public spaces. Public spaces must be friendly and barrier-free so that they can really serve everyone – children, adults, seniors, dogs, people with disabilities, families with prams, as well as every purpose from playing with a ball to relaxing with a book. Quality public spaces can change during the day and throughout the seasons and be both marketplaces and places for walks, concerts, and entertainment. We will support the calming of traffic in selected localities, the planting of trees, the addition and renewal of urban movables.

Clear and Sustainable Metropolitan Plan with Regulatory Plans The process of creating the Metropolitan Plan must be as transparent as possible and the legitimate demands of city districts, associations, and citizens must be incorporated. The zoning plan must provide all interested parties with the certainty of the area development predictability. We will support the drafting of regulatory plans by experts selected through tenders. When preparing the plans, we will pay attention to the principles of resident participation and close cooperation with the local government, which will subsequently approve the regulatory plan as a document transparently and predictably determining the site’s development / construction conditions. Regulatory plans are a binding zone planning document that enables reasonably fast, and at the same time economically, ecologically, and socially balanced (i.e., sustainable) construction, and a reasonable share of the developer’s and the city’s investment in infrastructure. The lack of regulatory plans is the real reason why the construction approval process takes so long in Prague compared to other European states.

We Digitize to Spare You Trips to Offices

Nowadays, so many things can be arranged over the internet. Why not simplify dealing with the authorities in the same way? As a result, we have already reduced the number of municipal office workers by 7% in the last election period. And that’s not all! We also plan to digitize and automate other agendas of the authorities.

Functional and Clear City Services

We will further integrate the services of the city, city districts, and city companies into the Portál Pražana website, while also promoting their digital form. We will open this platform to commercial service providers. We will make websites clearer, concentrate information in one place, and make their searches easier. We will simplify web and mobile applications across the city and city companies. The priority will be those services needed most often by the residents of Prague.

Efficient Offices

In the past election period, we reduced the number of municipality office workers by 7%. We plan to digitize and automate additional agenda of the offices. In this way, the city will not only save on employee costs, but ensure the cooperation between the Magistrate of the Capital City of Prague and the city districts is smoother. The risk of errors from rewriting data between software systems will also be reduced. We will continue to support the use of modern and proven methods of remote communication. We will support the further unification of information systems, their centralization in the city data centre, and the reduction of dependence on external suppliers in basic operations mode. We will support the use of open-source software.

Municipal Joint-stock Companies at the Service of Citizens

In the past election period, we succeeded in launching the process of unifying and making transparent the remuneration of supervisory boards and boards of directors of municipal joint-stock companies. Now, through the remuneration policy, we will ensure that these companies proceed in accordance with the long-term public interest of Prague. We continuously update the ownership policy. The city will properly administer and manage its companies. We will set a clear course for them with clearly defined strategic principles and guidelines. We promote sustainable economic performance. We will see to it that urban companies operate in an environmentally friendly manner and limit the negative effects of their activities as much as possible.

Responsible Economic Performance

We will continue to insist on open and transparent tenders. We will inform about the rental of non-residential premises in advance and through multiple channels, so that the competition between interested parties is as great as possible and Prague has an adequate income. We will publish the current status of the city’s key strategic projects on Prague’s website. We will advocate for strengthening the financing of city districts so that they are not forced to sell their property. We will introduce roll-call voting of the Prague City Council so that there is clear responsibility for the decisions made.

Maximum Openness as Standard

The data should serve everyone, not just the office. We will continue to develop open data and proceed according to individual action plans developed based on the open data strategy we supported, which has already been adopted. We will continue to improve the coherence, accuracy, and availability of data. We will also focus on the data of city companies and state-funded organizations. We will ensure that the public learns about the published data and can work with it further, using it for scientific and commercial purposes or to review the city’s economy.

From Songs to Opera – Culture Should Be for Everyone

We will support not only classical but also alternative art throughout Prague. Culture should be diverse and accessible to everyone, even the disadvantaged.

Culture for All

Culture is here for everyone, even the disadvantaged. Our goal is the greatest possible variety and accessibility of art. We will support not only classical but also alternative art throughout Prague, and we will not do it just in the city centre. We will participate in world cultural projects and will be an active partner within the EU. We will ensure favourable conditions for the creative process. As part of the development of culture, we will insist on the widest possible participation of citizens under the guidance of experts. We will focus on making culture accessible to all generations and minorities. We support the Vltava Philharmonic project under the condition that this project receives state support.

Transparent Financing

We will bring a greater variety of opinions to the city’s decision-making on cultural support. Evaluation commissions will be appointed based on the proposals of a broad group of stakeholders. We will increase the number of evaluators so that they are not overloaded during the evaluation process. We will introduce a six-month subsidy system for smaller projects, while also focusing on adequate multiple-year financing of the most important ones. We will support the creative process itself and donations. We will create an appropriate system of initiatives at state-funded organizations. We will ensure a higher level of citizen participation in culture. We will limit the support of purely commercial events.

Life Must Be Safe Both in City Centre and Housing Estate

We will focus on safety in Prague from several angles. For example, we will introduce an early intervention system that will help everyone who encounters a criminal act at their place of residence. We will also make sure that the paramedics, firemen, and policemen do not change careers. We also want to strengthen crime prevention programmes. All of this will contribute to making you feel safe in Prague, night and day.

Strengthening Crime Prevention Programmes

We will create a coordinated “Early Intervention System”. Through an interdisciplinary support team, we will provide timely help to residents of all ages and social groups exposed to criminal acts. This team will offer comprehensive and continuous professional help directly at the place of residence, for example, to children and young people in the event of bullying or other threats, to adults in the areas of securing property, increasing the overall feeling of safety at times when exposed to domestic violence, and also in the area of debt issues or bullying at the workplace. Attention will also be focused on cases of mistreatment of entrusted persons and on support for victims of such mistreatment. We will try to eliminate the threats associated with social media and cyberbullying through awareness campaigns.

Support of Integrated Rescue System Units

We will ensure that the working conditions and principles of remuneration of rescuers, firefighters, state and municipal policemen are motivating, and thus prevent their fluctuation. We will continue to increase the number of service apartments for employees of the IRS units in the direct performance of the service, and we will identify other attractive benefits for them. We will create a psychologically and legally just workplace with experts who will always act in the interest of the employee when solving crisis situations. We will enable professionals who will no longer be able to work in the direct line of duty to be able to further apply their knowledge in work for the Capital City of Prague, for example, within the Early Intervention System.

City CCTV Monitoring System

A city CCTV monitoring system is an important security tool. However, at the same time, it represents the risk of inappropriate interference with an individual’s privacy. We will continue to agree to the expansion of CCTV system camera locations only in clearly justified cases and only to the necessary extent. We absolutely reject the use of automated person recognition functions, the unjustified tracking of the movement of specific persons and the creation of behavioural profiles. Each camera location must be properly justified, and its efficiency must be regularly evaluated. Existing locations that do not have a demonstrable effect on reducing crime will be discontinued. The work of police officers must be based on knowledge of the municipality, its residents, and communities, because this is the only way to gain the trust and respect of local residents and prevent excessive screening for no apparent reason.

Crisis Preparedness

Recent and current events such as the Covid-19 pandemic and the refugee crisis related to the war in Ukraine have clearly shown us the immediate importance of the preparedness of the city and its individual units for sudden and diverse crisis situations. We will prepare a new and up-to-date crisis plan for the capital, which will be followed by both the management of the city and its city districts, alongside the units of the integrated rescue system and other involved parties in the event of an emergency. The plan will always be specific to the nature of the crisis at hand.

Our Support for All Families

We will respect the diversity of the city’s residents. That is why we will support all families, both biological and foster, regardless of the sexual orientation or social status of their members. We will provide everyone with the option to get involved in various neighbourhood activities, community centres, or events for children. If someone finds themselves in a difficult social situation, they will always have someone to turn to. There must be a solution for every problem.

Supporting Development of Communities

It is essential that the city ensures the dignity of its inhabitants, respects their diversity, and supports them in strengthening their involvement in the life of the community in their place of residence. We will systematically support community and neighbourhood activities, maternity and family centres, leisure activities for children of all ages and social groups. Quality interpersonal relationships and intergenerational ties, joint creation of public space, and the possibility to actively participate in community and neighbourhood life lead to an increased sense of belonging to the city and are a good prerequisite for coping with challenges such as the ongoing refugee crisis caused by the war in Ukraine.

Social Services for People in Need of Care

Everyone can get into a situation where they need help or support from others, whether for themselves or someone close to them. We want people to feel confident that they have somewhere to turn; a place where they will get the support they need. The priority will be the development of community and outreach care, especially in the home environment, including comprehensive support for family caregivers. Care in residential facilities must meet high standards so that these homes are humane and welcoming and respect the human rights and personal dignity of their residents. We will use the possibilities of new technologies from the 21st century to facilitate, among other things, the communication of clients with their loved ones and the work of social workers in challenging situations. We will further develop the system of social prevention services for homeless people and people at risk of addiction.

Supporting Families

We will support all families that represent for their members the certainty of care, respect, and mutual support – both biological and foster, with any number of children, and regardless of the sexual orientation or social status of their members. We will support families at risk and families in crisis in coping with challenging life periods and situations. We reject domestic violence in any shape or form. We will utmost support foster parents and those interested in alternative family care, so that no child has to grow up in an institution. We will support families taking care of their disabled or ill members as it is the best and most efficient way of providing care to those who need it.

Modern Society Starts in Modern Schools

We believe in creativity and free thinking. Therefore, we will support schools to create a friendly and inspiring environment where children and students can not only fully develop their potential, but also learn to work together in a team.

Modern Education for Modern Society

We promote the most accessible education possible; one which develops natural creativity, supports free thinking, educates for democracy, and goes beyond the preparation for future careers. We will help children discover their potential and better evaluate the possibilities offered to them by this era. We will support education equally focused on the development of individuals and their ability to work effectively in a team. We will make data processing simpler and more transparent for educators, allowing them to focus on teaching itself. We will support cooperation between parents and schools, teachers, pupils, and students. We consider an open mutual exchange of experience to be a basic cooperation tool.

Safe and Friendly Schools

Greater satisfaction and motivation prevail in schools with good relationships between children and teachers. Educational results and the quality of the school environment are closely related. We will support schools in providing a safe, friendly, and stimulating environment that will bring children the joy of learning. In such a school environment, pupils will be able to fully develop their educational potential and teaching will be more enjoyable for both students and their teachers.

Every Child Is to Have a Place in School

Prague is growing, and a third more children start school in each grade today than ten years ago. Our goal is for children to be able to attend a primary school as close to home as possible and a secondary school of their choice. We will start investing in new school capacities at the level of kindergarten, primary, and secondary schools in a way that factors in the current need, the reserve for extraordinary situations, and the expected growth of Prague in the next ten years.

Everyone Knows Prevention Is Cheaper than Cure

Preventing diseases is the most effective and the cheapest way to make our healthcare more efficient, irrespective whether the prevention focuses on cancer or the abuse of addictive substances, alcohol, tobacco, or, for example, childhood obesity. That is why we plan to develop several preventive programmes.

Mental Health

Mental health care is a very important part of the healthcare system, which has long been underestimated in the Czech Republic, negatively impacting the whole society. That is why we will advocate for affordable and high-quality prevention and treatment of mental illnesses, alongside related social services. We will expand psychological support in schools and, as part of educational programme adjustments, we will strengthen the emphasis on topics related to mental health, mental development, and mental hygiene. We will actively involve non-profit organizations that organise preventive and informative programmes focused on mental health.

Prevention Is the Key

We will strengthen preventive programmes designed to increase awareness of cancer diseases, and of the option of easily accessible screenings for the early detection of these diseases. We will draft and implement a concept for the prevention of the use of addictive substances, including alcohol and tobacco addiction, and a comprehensive campaign to support the fight against civilization diseases, such as childhood obesity in Prague. Last but not least, we will promote cooperation with organizations and experts dedicated to health care education and awareness programmes. In this way, we will build a professional background to support the primary prevention system.

Prevention of Risky Addictions

We will support the reduction of risks related to drug and other addictions. We will implement new strategies in the area of assistance and Prague-wide coordination of activities across the individual departments involved. A coordinated approach to solving risky addictions and the provision of required services is necessary. We will set up programmes minimising the social and health impacts of addictions (harm reduction programmes) and activities of associated social and health services. We will support the establishment and maintenance of contact centres, wet centres, and programmes for the elimination of health risks of injected drug addicted users.

Sports Grounds for Everyone – from Table Tennis to Stadiums

Sport should be accessible to everyone. Therefore, we will support the improvement and expansion of sports facilities for the general public, children, the elderly, and the disabled. Moreover, we are also considering playgrounds for social sports, such as pétanque or table tennis.

Better and More Accessible Sports Grounds for Public; Support for Children’s Sports Activities

Sports enjoyment should be available to everyone, regardless of age and fitness. We will support the improvement and expansion of sports infrastructure for the general public, including accessibility for children, seniors, or people with disabilities. In addition to sports grounds for fitness sports, we will not omit playgrounds for social sports such as pétanque or table tennis. In cooperation with the owners and operators of sports venues, we will try to make these as widely available to the public as possible. We see potential mainly with small sports fields and areas in municipalities, primarily close to schools and community centres. We will support the involvement of qualified trainers in the teaching of physical education in schools. As part of the Praha sportovní project, we will expand the Enrolment Month (Měsíc náborů) and Week of Free Sports (Týden sportu zdarma) programmes.

Tourism Beneficial for Both Tourists and Locals

After the Covid-19 restrictions, we want to revive tourism in Prague. It will help to start economic growth again, from which we locals will also benefit. However, we also want to support tourist-attractive places outside the historic city centre, so that tourism spreads to other parts of Prague.

*Tourism support

Tourism support has become a pressing issue of the Covid political agenda. Our goal is to effectively help the resurrection of this industry in Prague, with regard to economic growth in line with the public space cultivation. Our priorities include the development of a network of attractive tourist destinations outside the historic city centre and the optimisation of tools to stimulate congress tourism. We will develop the offer under the Prague Tourist Card product. The strategy will also include communication between the city and private entities – for example, hotel owners or congress organizers.