Good quality of life in Prague is based on good environment. We will tackle the issues of overheating of the city, air pollution and other disruptions that are stopping people from healthy sleep. Our environmental policy is based on natural motivation, respect and public participation.

More trees and water will help beat the heat.

  • We will plant more trees in the streets. Those that were cut down will be replaced by firm and decent ones.
  • The recreational nature around our capital will be extended.
  • We will provide subsidies for green roofs and vertical gardens, grass and flower lines.
  • We will support drinking fountains, regular fountains, creeks and bodies of water that belong to the city.

No more throttling by snow

  • Modern technologies will be used for further monitoring of air quality.
  • Individual car transportation will be regulated during smog alerts.
  • Ecological means of transportation will be preferred. Low-noise zones will be created in the city center.

For better sleep

  • We will propose careful anti-noise measures.
  • We will regulate public lighting of streets and turn illumiated ad banners off at night.

Waste reduction

  • Collection and usage of biowaste will be extended.
  • We will support reusable packagings.
  • We will introduce the waste management system based on the “pay depending on how much waste you produce. Waste sorting must pay out for the people

Saving water and your expenditures.

  • We will support better water management. Used water will be re-used and new measures for further usage of rain water will be introduced.
  • Drinking water prices will be monitored, as well as the quality of the delivery service and further investments in water pipeline system.
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