Healthcare and safety

Both healthcare and safety of the citizens of Prague will be managed according to available data Prague has. We will face the current healthcare issues the Prague citizens are currently facing. We will remove expensive and unnecesary administrative procedures and put the funds where they are needed.

Planned approach to current healthcare risks

  • We will provide funding for home care agencies and for creation of mobile hospices in all parts of the city. We want people with both social and health issues to stay at home instead of having them for weeks in health centers. This is valid also for those with untreatable diseases, where we would like to analyze the real needs for palliative care in Prague. Such an analysis will be based on oncology registry data.
  • We will provide a planned solution for the HIV epidemics, drug abuse and youth obesity in Prague. This will be done with the help of experiences already available abroad. The major focus will be put on prevention and causes minimalization.
  • We will care about psychical health of Prague citizens. Psychical depleption is equally dangerous as physical. We will support educational projects, prevention and early diagnoses projects. Citizens in Prague should not be treated as working machines only, they must have a right for full life without additional stress.
  • We will increase transparency in public contest for new doctors’ practices focusing on missing experiences and subsidies for healthcare support projects. We will also provide mid-term funding that will replace one-year lasting grants.

We will tackle the issues our hospitals are facing

  • We will stop the Na Františku Hospital from getting further into debt. We will choose a new director in an open contest. The contest will focus mostly on professional and experience profile of the candidate. We will also provide new kinds of care (such as palliative care or birth houses) in cooperation with health insurance companies.
  • We will provide the renovation of Na Bulovce Hospital. This will happen via open and transparent contests for construction contracts. It will be done in accordance with the Ministry of Healthcare.
  • We will make the waiting times shorter for hospital emergencies. This will be done by further optimalization of their network. At night or during weekends we would like to direct patients to further located emergency centers where the waiting time is shorter.
  • Blood donors will be supported by free public transport access.

Reasonable measures. No administrative hell

  • We will support an efficient gambling regulation that will remove this kind of activities from socially deprived areas and also not contribute to illegal gambling.
  • We will make the anti drinking ordinance less strict. Why is it illegal to have a picnic with a bottle of wine at the Petřín hill? Night noise and crime in the city center will be limited by better communication and enforcement of current rules.
  • Solving the issues homeless people are facing will be done by introduction of social programs that already work well in other cities. We’ll help others to get on their feet and return to the society.

Directing the city funds where they are needed

  • We’ll put limits to the contracts for city CCTV system, which proved to be utterly overinvested, with little to no usefulness assesment done.
  • We will provide more policemen for critical areas according to the city statistics. Police cars will be equipped with both external and internal cameras and mobile noise meters. We also would like to equip individual policemen with
  • We will support a better prevention programs to tackle the youth crime and to provide online safety for youth in various districts of Prague.
  • We will support professional and voluntary firefighters by clearly defining the requirements for replacement of their equipment.
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