Urban planning, housing and social services

Housing available for all

The general public is currently facing an unprecedented growth of rent or housing costs. This trend is a result of failures both political and administrative in housing policy. It is caused by the central government, the local authority as well as city districts. We will initiate steps to stop this trend in the 2018–2022 term.

The city and its people define the course

  • We will plan a long-term strategy for city development, that will last for more than one single election term. Urban plans must not be dictated by real estate developers. The city must have its own concept and goal in this policy. Once negotiations with real estate developers take place, city representatives must have all tools available, such as clear and understandable strategies defining limits of both sides. This will show opportunities for further construction works at Prague territory.
  • A general concept for brownfield development will be done. Such areas are currently underused and they represent a chance for creation of new parks and new buildings. The brownfields renewal will be based on social cohesion: new apartments and commercial spaces must not only serve the fortunate ones, but also the middle and lower clases.
  • We will approve new regulation plans that will stop further speculation on future of construction. Citizens will have their say when these plans will be in the process of creation. Densely populated residential areas won’t be a good place anymore for the real estate developers. They will have no chance to build new blocks among already existing ones, while shops, medcial services and schools are still missing.

Fair rules for all stakeholders

  • Obtaining construction permits faster. Nobody should be forced to circulate around numerous offices to get 42 stamps. The entire agenda will be digital. Local authority will be sharing all the data it can so the amount of personal presence in an office during the process will be minimal. Most of the steps should be doable over the Internet.
  • We will make sure the real estate developers contribute to infrastructure costs. When a new part of the city is build, the real estate developer gets all the profits and takes no part in managing the externalities he created. Changes in the urban plan must be done in the name of the interest of the local people.
  • We’ll support cooperates, baugruppes and further alternatives for commercial housing. The Pirates think that other approaches than just building for profit are possible. Prague offers enough land for small construction projects, where big companies can’t make any profit. The city should help cooperatives and other groups to facilitate administration related to these construction projects.

Reasonable usage of apartments and buildings owned by the city

  • Social housing for those who need it. We’ll stop the current practice where the city provides its own apartments for rich people. These apartments will be offered by those who strive in the curent housing crisis in Prague, as well as to teachers, healthcare workers, policemen or firefighters. These are not rewarded by the current government as they should be.
  • More sense for privatisation of the apartments owned by the city. The current progress will be analyzed as well as its sustainability. When the city sells its property (ie. apartments) there must be clear goals and measureable financial and non-financial outcomes.
  • We will map the unused objects owned by the local authority and re-use them. There are many buildings in the city that serve no purpose anymore. They can however help to reinforce the services for the city. When a much complex transformation of the object is necessary, we’ll help the object to serve a temporary purpose, like in Karlín or Hybernská.

Caring Prague

Elderly people represent around 20 % of Prague’s population. Aside from them there are also those who live under difficult circumstances. We don’t want and we must not be rid of the responsibility of those people. We want Prague to be here for everyone, not just those, who are fit and financially well off.

Providing care for those who need it

  • We will deal with causes and results of homelessness. We will create a concept for prevention of loss of housing, offer a helping hand for return into society. The socity will benefit from this both socially and economically. We will propose an increase of the number of day care centers for homeless people where social workers will be ready to help them.
  • We will remove barriers in Prague in accordance to the approved documents. More apartments for special purposes will be located all around the city, not only in new buildings in the outermost parts of Prague. Older people and those who are facing health issues deserve better care and help in a friendly environment.
  • The new office of city coordinator for healthcare-social issues will be created. The coordinator will help those in need and their families to navigate in a very confusing environment of healthcare and social services. He will also provide an integration of placement services, local social care and leisure opportunities with the network of currently available medical services. The current system will be simplified and reorganized to be understandable from the point of view of the citizen. This will be done according to the principles used already in Sweden.

No more inter-generational segregation

  • We will put more care in senior houses, inter-generational community houses and shared living. Western models where student accommodation, young families, seniors or people with health issues live together help to prevent the creation of ghettos and isolated communities. Our goal is to make a city where people of all generations live together.
  • Leisure activities will be available for all young people from all social classes. We support further development of sports activities for young poeple, organizations dedicated to leisure activities as well as low-barrier centers. We are spending already a significant amount of our subsidies to commercially viable events of famous sportsmen, we should however help more local youth teams and associations.
  • Senior citizens will have more say in decisionmaking Older generation of people will be provided with a platforms that will help them to participate in major decisions related to further development of Prague. We will provide also lectures on digital literacy. Those who would prefer to contact us in a different fashion will be provided with alternatives. Digitalization must be connecting and not dividing people.
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