Open City Hall

We’ll turn Prague into the most transparent city in the country. Today our capital is facing an issue of completely untransparent city companies managing tens of billions of CZK a year. Citizens as well as anti-corruption activists must have an anccess to the necessary amount of information so that they could check what the politicians are doing. We will bring citizens to the the process of decisionmaking in the city.

Everyting will be published

  • We will show the data to general public Lists of invoices, rent contracts, analyses the city ordered – this and even more will come to the Open Data portal.
  • Clickable budget will be extended up to the invoice level Everyone will get a clear idea about what the local authority spends money on.
  • Property statements of the politicians will go public. Everyone will have a chance to figure out if some politicians are hiding any benefits that were obtained in an illegal fasion.

Responsible economy

  • Bad contracts for commercial spaces in central Prague must go. The local authority is loosing tens of millions of CZK yearly only on these. All upcoming rental offers will be announced on commercial websites, so more bidders will have their chance to offer a better price for the city.
  • Beter competition for public contracts With open procurment process, better terms and reasonable demands for the suppliers, we will allow other companies to participate in the whole procurement proces. This will help us to get better prices as well as better quality of service.
  • Personal responsibility for bureaucracy workers and politicians. Transparent administrative processes. Project management will be reorganized in the city administration in such a fashion that it will be very clear for every step who is the responsible person. The City Council voting records will include data on every of its member.

Functioning city companies

  • No more political placement. Those who run the city companies will be chosen by a transparent fasion. All these people in charge will have to show that their work is valid and real.
  • A plan for city companies ownership policy. People in charge of city companies will be rewieved and rewarded according to their ability to fulfill the goals and metrics defined earlier.
  • More transparency for companies managing huge amounts of money. Some of them have budges in tens of billions of CZK. We will make sure that these will publish all necessary information that can’t be considered as business secret. No more contracts that will be omitted from public registries.

Participation of citizens on decisionmaking process

  • Citizen initiatives’ agenda. Initiatives by the citizens won’t be left without and anwser. Public management of this agenda will allow everyone to see how these initiatives are being adressed. Major submissions will be also parts of the sessions of the committees of City Assembly or Council or the Assembly itself.
  • Surveys Surveys and questionnares will help to analyze real needs of the citizens.
  • Public debates These will be arranged for current issues or further plans of the local authorities. Both ordinary citizens as well as experts will have a chance to participate.
  • Participatory budgeting Some part of the funds of the city will be used for projects directly initiated by its citizens.
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