Modern City

A modern city can be defined by well functioning services. While others would like to solve issues the locals have no problems with, the Pirates want to focus on those ones where solutions are not yet met.

Better quality of public spaces

  • Better management of road and public space renovations will result in less complications for general public. City companies and city institutions will have to cooperate in a much better way than now. We will not allow road closures that are not well planned in advance.
  • Getting a confirmation for public space events will be easier, for example for open and mobile gardens.
  • No more smart benches that nobody cares for. We will purchase public space equipment that is really necessary, like bike stands or drinking fountains. The current equipment will not be neglected and maintenance will take place on a regular basis.

Modern services for citizens

  • Service fees for the city and city companies will be paid by a single portal. The Prague Market portal will be created. On a single place a citizen can buy his parking card, get his annual public transport coupon or pay other fees. This portal will be connected to the Citizen portal (Czech: Portál občana) managed by the Ministry of Interior.
  • Subsidies requests will be submitted in an uniform fashion so that it will be clear to everybody what is supported by the City of Prague and what gets funds from Prague city districts. We will also note more information on subsidies from city companies.
  • Internal communication will go digital for the City administration. This will mean less work load for both citizens and city administration workers. Citizens will get better access to relevant infromation in their neighborhood. The City will inform in advance about road maintenance and citizens will have time to get ready for it. General Prague noticeboard will get a new option for subscription and thus the citizens will have it much easier to obtain news about current events. The citizen will choose whether he’d like to get news through an e-mail, mobile app, SMS or RSS.

Knowledge sharing

  • Open source software will make it possible for us to share the software already obtained with Prague districts. Once we pay for the software, it will be freely shared and no further payments for city districts will be necessary.
  • We want to share more information about the city investments with other local authorities. That is why we would like to join the Open Cities (Czech: Otevřená města) organization which is focusing on IT software costs sharing and open source software support.
  • We have sucessfuly proposed the open educational materials for the Strategic plan and we would like to further promote them as well as Open Acess.
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