Culture, heritage prerervation, and tourism

  • We will support culture and events initiated by and for the community, without the usual red tape. As Pirates we value our cultural heritage. Renovation over demolition.*

Community culture and public space activities

  • Support cultural and neighborhood-related events orchestrated by the community. Simplify the bureaucracy that currently goes with the use of a public space for a limited time. Small community-related events will get our support.
  • Public spaces will be cultivated with art installations. Existing sculptures and other works of art in public space will be documented, as well as renovated and maintained.

Transparent finance management for culture

  • Financial management of cultural institutions has to be transparent. We will reduce their dependence on political power, so that organizations and their structures are not infiltrated and influenced from within.
  • Grant proposals accepted at least twice a year. We will cancel the distribution of grants outside of grant terms. Prevent applicants from bypassing grant committees.

Architecture and sites protection

  • Architecture and urbanism contests need to become an obligatory standard for new projects. The total cost of a project ought not be the major criterion.
  • Preservation over demolition. Initiate a new urbanism and architecture contest for the Výstaviště Exhibition Grounds area. Rebuild the damaged wing of the Industrial Palace, the core of the area destroyed in a fire in 2008.

Healthy development of tourism

  • No more tourist traps. A shameful reality confirmed by many a foreign visitor. We will get rid of the rogue money exchange, taxi services and others taking advantage of people who are not familiar with the capital.
  • The city centre is not just for tourists. Support inner-city community life and take measures against certain tourist behaviour patterns that are detrimental to the local quality of life and work.
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