We will improve the city’s traffic flow by focusing on the most capacious and space-saving transport solutions: metro, train and tram lines. We want a more accessible, comfortable, and user-friendly public transport for Prague residents as well as visitors. We will increase public control over motor traffic investments and maintenance.

Improve accessibility and quality of public transport

  • Support the development of new tram lines in all Prague city areas. Our priority is the construction of new tram tracks in the city centre. We will bring the trams back on Wenceslas Square. We will also complete the tram circuit outlining the city centre. New tram routes do not reduce parking space.
  • New city train tracks. Namely direct transport links connecting Prague to the airport and to the town of Kladno. .
  • More options for public transport tickets. Price caps. You will be able to buy your ticket using your credit card or mobile app, without having to print it. Along with upgrading the system we will make sure you don’t pay more than is necessary, just like in in London or in Ostrava.
  • Enhanced capacity of tram vehicles to offer more seating. we will prioritize longer tram vehicles over short ones wherever technically possible. We will focus on availability of tram service, efficient use of the car park and proper procurement process for purchase of new trams. Current location data of all vehicles will be made public so passengers don’t have to wait for delayed or cancelled connections.
  • Building the metro D line. Connecting Prague 4 to Prague 12 is another priority. The new metro line will not be another installment of the Blanka tunnel blunder.
  • Monthly pass for 400 CZK. The price difference between the monthly and yearly pass is ridiculous. Disadvantaged citizens aren’t always able to pay several thousand CZK all at once, so their fare becomes a lot more expensive.

Better parking

  • Create more parking spaces where they are needed The biggest issue in many areas is the shortage of resident parking spaces, and as such it requires attention.
  • More P+R parking spots for short-term and long-term use. These parking places (both in Prague and in Central Bohemia) must be interlinked smoothly with the public transport network.
  • Easy parking. Simpler zones. Current parking usage data will be available online. This will allow everyone to make apps for drivers looking for a free parking spot.
  • Your guests and the plumber can park outside your house. Every resident will get a number of free parking hours that can be used for their guests. No more expensive parking for the plumber or spending hours trying to find parking for your guests.

Continued investments in road infrastructure

  • Fast completion of the inner city circuit, as well as the linked roads. The inner circuit is crucial for the reduction of passenger vehicles in the city centre. It has to be completed and put to use. We require a solution proposal including a cost-benefit analysis, chosen by an expert comittee. Following the completion of the circuit we will implement other provisions improving the living conditions in the city centre. The circuit should also be used by public transport, along with the tunnels.
  • Cooperation with our Pirate MPs to complete the outer circuit road. A final project for the circuit’s completion will be selected based on an analysis of the general impact on residents, transport safety, costs, completion dates, etc. The aim is to drive road freight traffic out of the city centre.
  • Fix the internal infrastructure debt. No more collapsed bridges. Infrastructure renovations will be planned in advance preventing gridlocks of entire neighbourhoods. Thorough renovations will replace small, repeated work.

Modern and environmentally friendly transportation

  • Reasonable transport electrification. More electric buses and trolleybuses where it makes financial sense. We also support reasonably defined carsharing projects that use electric cars, along with the necessary charging infrastructure in new parking houses.

Cyclists as respected partners

  • Propose construction of new bike roads that will allow safe and fast rides without car accidents. The lanes must be equipped with lamps so they can be used all year round.
  • New bike stand projects as well as further cooperation with bikesharing service providers. Bikesharing must ensure that parked bikes don’t create obstacles for pedestrians.
  • New connections using old farm tracks. Which will also create comfortable connections in the Prague suburbs.
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