Education, sport and leisure

Prague schools will educate new citizens who will be able to navigate themselves in a fastly changing world. They will know much more than only how to suceed on the labor market. We will provide enough funds for the schools, for their needs for wages, cover their running costs, extracurricular activities, but also professional development for teachers and introduction of new educational methods Prague currently needs.

More funds for quality of education, less for meaningless stuff

  • We will support the growth of school employees wages beyond the official tariffs. Life expenditures in Prague are in general higher, and this must be compensated to the employees of the schools.
  • We will support schools in creation of new plans related to meaningful lifelong education of teachers and in usage of new knowledge that will increase the quality of education process. We will allocate funds for teachers who would like to initiate creative educational methods in their schools. We will then support their introduction in everyday education.
  • Teachers must teach, not waste time with administration. We will help schools to get resources for better administrative workers, so that teachers and school directors will have more time for students and teaching. We will make it possible for schools to obtain good software and educational materials withouth unnecessary expenses.
  • Getting experience outside from school is equally important We will support participation of Prague schools in educational contests on the national and international level. We will support, both financially and organizationally the international cooperation and stays abroad for the students depending on the demand.

Innovative education for public schools.

  • We are not all the same. We want to provide variety in education even within a single school. We will support innovative educational approaches in preschools, elemental and secondary schools so that most of the schools could meet the demand. We will support open methods of education that maintain and strenghten positive relation of students to education in general. These methods also work with positive motivation and prepare students for real life, instead of tests.
  • We will make open contest for school directors a norm. We will choose good people as directors, with ambitions and modern vision for development of schools. We will install people who have good connections or influential friends in such positions. Experiences and vision will together with a long-term strategy for education in the city and its district play the key roles.
  • Communication and feedback as basics. We will support communication platforms for teachers to meet and share their experiences among each other. Similar platforms will then help to facilitate this for parents with schools. We will also care about school boards and parental representation.

More places in schools

  • We will support the creation of more places in preschools and creation of school groups that will take care of preschoolers. Aside from that we will also help to increase the capacity and quality of services in school cafeterias and kitchens. We will also try to make preschools working in hours that would correspond with the needs of their parents.
  • Secondary schools will work also for the regions. Prague has a limited capacity for grammar schools, defined by the Ministry of Education. This defies the interest of Prague as well as the entire country. We would like to start negotiations with the Ministry of Education so that Prague will get an opportunity to get more students in the schools.

Free time and leisure

  • Public money will be invested in a transparent fashion and according to the rules, especially when it comes to new facilities and sports grounds. This has to cope up with demographic changes. We will initiate and support construction of sports grounds, community centers and further leisure facilities so that they will be used well by local residents. The contracts signed with the suppliers will be of a high standard, clear and good for people of Prague.
  • Subsidies for sports organizations, teams and similar organizations will be distributed on the level of transparency of their recipients and how do they work with children and youth.
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